Friday, 26 October 2012


My first Blog & post were about making a card to raise money for Breast Cancer. Today I have been asked to come back in after a routine mammogram for further tests.  Brings home exactly why we are doing this. Preventing future generations going through this. XX


  1. Hey Cindy, does that mean they found something they don't trust? Hope that further tests will show that there is nothing wrong but you are right, breast cancer is a threat to any woman's health. Thinking of you and hope to hear good news soon. Hugs!!

  2. Hi Mariska - thank you for your thoughts! I did hear some fantastic news finally - it was calcification in blood vessels - causes no issues, and is not in the breast tissue. I have been given an all clear, and have to come back for my next check in 2 years! Yay! Was a worry for a while, but was a wake up call to smell the roses and enjoy life!

  3. Hey Cindy...right back at you!!!! I was trying to remember the name of your blog on my way home last night & cursing myself that I hadn't written it down, so I was mighty pleased you'd checked out my blog...I'm joinig your blog so's I can keep en eye on you to see what you're up to...looking forward to seeing some challenge entries:):):):):) pressure there!!!!!!!!!!